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Kozakos House opens its doors once again for visitors ready to experience the once in a life time experience of a historical and typical village of Larnaca Mountain area, the beautiful Lefkara. The fully renovated house that was done by the owners with a lot of love, awaits to offer its services to all visitors. The renovation was co-founded by the Republic of Cyprus and the European Union and was under the surveillance of the Department of Housing and Building of Cyprus throughout the works performed.

Built in the beginning of last century (1918), this stunning house due to its location looks like an old Cyprus castle. Located at the highest point of the village, the house enjoys the beautiful view offered by the nature of the surrounding area. From the mountain tops of Pentadaktylos (one of the two main mountains of Cyprus ) to Stavrovouni (a very old monastery on the top of a mountain) and the Larnaca valley, the whole view seems like a well drawn painting joining mountain and sea together.

The stone-built house with its slated tiles made according to the unique architecture of Lefkara and the large wooden windows act like entrances to the beauty of the village. Inside the house, there is nothing to be envied from a modern house, since one of the best equipment on the market was chosen. The renovation of the five fully
Leave your stress behind and immerse yourself in unparalleled relaxation at the Kozakos House.

equipped departments that the complex offers throughout the year, makes you feel at home. Its a central point for excursions to Lefkara and the near villages.

The warm welcome of the house begins from the beautiful “Yliakos” with the classic stone-built arch. This room is filled with the history and it is bound to the life of the Kozakos family. From the old plates and glasses found as well as the many historical pictures hanging on the walls gives the house prestige.

The inner yard, a trademark of Lefkara's houses, with the pytharka (in the past used to store wine and other goods) with the blossomed flowers give visitors the oppurtunity to enjoy a meal and relax under the clear sky. The yard is surrounded by the first floor apartments with the side stairway leading to the anoi (first floor). Nearly all the houses of the village have balconies and Kozakos House can not be an exception to the rule. From the balcony one can see the beautiful view or even relax by reading a book.

Due to the ideal climate of the area, Lefkara is a unique destination for locals and visitors. The humidity-free nights and the cool wind at noon make Lefkara perfect for both night and day.

We are looking forward to welcoming you and we are sure you will have a pleasant stay.

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